Oils Can Be Transported In Flexitanks/Flexibags

Flexitanks are ideal packaging for transportation of bulk quantity of oil. It is because of this reason most of the businesses dealing in oil prefers flexitanks as the ideal transportation utility when looking to transport oil within and beyond the national boundaries. So if you are indulge in business with any kind of oil and wondering whether or not flexitanks can help you with your oil business, then this resource is exactly for you.

In this segment we are going to help you know the different kind of oils that could be transported using flexitanks and how it can benefit your oil business. 

Types of Oils that can be transported using Flexitanks

Oils all across the globe can be divided into four particular spectrums, they are;

  • Edible oil
  • Non edible oil
  • Hazardous oil
  • Non Hazardous oil

Of these four categories of oil, flexitanks can be used for transportation of edible, non edible and non hazardous oil, clearly reflecting the only objection of the iteration is with hazardous oil. It is because hazardous oils are those that has risk catching fire through friction and flexitanks being made of polyethylene would subdue and melt if catches fire. This can result in catastrophic accident not only to the shipment, but also human lives and the vehicle that is carrying the oil. It is because this reason other than hazardous oil, flexitanks can support all other types of oil since they won’t catch fire because of friction, extreme heat or pressure.

Now that we know what kind of oil can be transported using flexitanks, we have made a small list to let you know the variants of oil that can be transported using flexitanks:

  • Palm Oil
  • Crude Oil
  • Mustard Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil

These are some of the many oils that can be transported using flexitanks.

Now let’s walk you through why flexitanks are ideal for transportation of these oils.

How Flexitanks can help in Oil Logistics

There are two specific ways flexitanks add value to oil logistics while removing the challenges it carries they are product level advantage and economical advantage. The detailed layouts of each class of advantages are as follow:

Product Level Advantages

These include advantages that ensure the oil transported using flexitanks are safe from all possible damages, some of which includes:

  • Chemical Compatibility
  • Protection from leaks
  • Temperature compatibility
  • Bulk transporting facility

Economic Level Advantages

These include advantages that ensure profitable outlook for logistics when sending oil using flexitanks, some of which are:

  • Flexitank allows probability of changing a standard 20-foot dispatching holder to that of a 24- ton mass oil carrier.
  • Flexitanks don’t need to be returned to the point of origin, significantly reducing shipping costs.
  • Increased Limits from 16,000 to 24,000 liters. This allows your organization to forward move larger volume of oil at the same cost allowing gaining from it.
  • The utility of flexitanks decreases in the work reduction of packaging and labor care of work necessities. This in turn allows the organization to save time, and cost on their processes.
  • Flexitanks can be put away for delays or intra-day delays reducing losses on bulk liquid for an organization, since the quality of the oil stays intact.
  • No cleaning is required for flexitanks thus bringing down the cost by a much larger scale for organization.
  • It is produced using materials that can be completely reused, decreasing ecological effect, hence reducing load of economic cost on an organization.
  • Flexitank utility can be defined on a one way attribute, thus bringing down the requirement for full circle leases, saving a huge volume of income of leasing the tanks for an organization.

These economic and product level advantages makes flexitanks an ideal selection for transportation of oil on a global scale. If your are into business dealing with oil transportation, then worry no more, get in touch with us at us  to know more about flexitanks and how it can help you in your business of oil transportation.

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