Your Committed and Reliable Flexitank Specialist !

"For over 12 years of practical experiences in FLEXITANK industry, we are passionate about creating the most reliable & economical products in this field and also aim to fulfill all types of the requirements from customers."

As one of the most professional flexitank (flexibag) manufacturer in China. We offer various kinds of reliable flexitanks including complete accessories for all kinds of non-hazardous liquid cargos, Including: Food-grade oil flexitanks, Anti-oxidation (EVOH) wine/juice flexitanks, Chemical flexitanks,high temperature-resistance flexitank and also truck flexitanks etc..

In order to ensure the quality of key elements of flexitanks, we have invested in the most advanced and mature production facilities performed by our well trained and experienced employees, our raw materials and designs are also comply with higher level than the industry standard. Together with our world-class technical and QC team, we confirmed that our manufacturing techniques and product quality had achieved the industry-leading position.

Moreover, with the establishment of our global service network covering Asia, Middle East, Russia, North & South America, and Europe, plus our 24-hour emergency response service and product tracking systems, our flexitank services characterized by secure, timely, professional and competitive.

Group's Mission: Providing the Most Committed, Reliable and Cost-Effective Flexitank Solutions to our customers.

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