Application of Thermal Liner

What are Thermal Liners?

Thermal liners are container liners made from woven fabric and met pet with reflective laminate hung inside the container, to protect the cargo from temperature fluctuations. The design allows for movement of forklift inside container to facilitate easy loading. Thermal liners offer protection against variations of temperatures and moisture during transit period. In some cases thermal liners are wrapped with Aluminum to protect your valuable cargo by using aluminum barrier foil liners. These reflective barrier liners when closed create a temperature and humidity controlled environment for your cargo, thereby protecting your cargo from severe temperature and moisture fluctuations during transit period. 

Application of Thermal Liner

Thermal liners are distinguished solution for packaging, storing, loading and transportation of goods across Dyestuffs, Foodstuffs & Edibles, Beverages, Polymers & Chemicals, Cosmetics, Pigments, and other major industries. It is because of this reason thermal liners are used for many different applications in storing and transporting of goods including:

  • Protects the cargo from unfavorable climatic conditions
  • Preventing contamination by creating an oxygen barrier
  • Creating excellent moisture barrier for goods on transit
  • To ensure proper heat transfer from the cargo vault to atmosphere
  • Protect cargoes especially ones that are vulnerable to cooler temperatures
  • Facilitate easy loading process of goods into containers
  • Facilitate easy unloading process for goods providing economic and time saving value

So if you are into business where transportation of products includes Dyestuffs, Foodstuffs & Edibles, Beverages, Polymers & Chemicals, Cosmetics, Pigments and more, then thermal liner is an ideal solution for you.

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