Improving efficiency by using flexitanks/flexibags

Is loading and unloading of products before and after transportation a major hassle for your business? Is the process of loading and unloading consuming a huge amount of your time and additional cost because related factors like delay, additional labor and more? Then we have just the solution for you. 

Introducing flexitanks a transportation solution that can help you improve your handling speed especially with loading and unloading of your products, much better than traditional ISO tanks and drums.

What is a Flexitank?

Flexitanks are the latest iteration in the development of bulk liquid storage containers for non- hazardous liquids. A flexitank is a mass fluid storage compartment whose walls comprise of different layers of polyethylene. The internal walls are made of adaptable polyethylene while the external walls are made of a more grounded joined material called polypropylene. Since the mass of a flexitank is flexible, it makes sense that it requires an outside design to help it when it has been topped off with a fluid. By utilizing previously existing standard steel containers, flexitanks are giving a more secure, better, and more savvy option in contrast to modified delivery big containers for mass fluid transportation.

Now that we know what flexitanks are, let’s walk you through how flexitanks can help in improving your handling speed.

How Flexitanks Contribute to Handling Speed

Flexitanks come in multiple side openings, unlike that of regular drums or ISO tanks. It is because of this reason Flexitanks facilitates easy loading process as top opening and side opening is available to load the containers. This allows businesses to directly load flexitanks with fluid from the mechanical fluid discharge vault. Thus, removing the additional labor cost associated with manual filling of fluid, as seen in case of drums and ISO tanks. Further, flexitanks are flexible in nature and can be directly loaded into steel compartments to bring it out of the loading halls in factories, thus saving additional cost that businesses have to bear when dealing with drums and ISO tanks. Besides these facilities, flexitanks also comes with bottom opening features that allow easy discharge process for businesses at unloading docks of fluid, allowing businesses to save additional cost behind labor for the purpose of fluid discharge.

These overall structures of tanks not only works as cost saving prop for businesses but also assist in faster loading and unloading of fluid directly impacting operational time in positive manner. It is because of these reason businesses can rapidly improve their handling speed by using flexitanks for the purpose of storing and transportation of bulk fluid, which otherwise is impossible to carry out with drums and ISO tanks.

So if you are looking for a perfect solution to improve your businesses fluid handling speed, flexitanks are just the solution you need. To know more about flexitanks you can get in touch with us call: +91 2662 227 100, we would be happy to help you.

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