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Industry performing businesses where liquid is the main commodity is thoroughly aware of the challenge that storage and transportation of bulk liquid possess. Liquid storage and transportation clearly showcases many major hassles; this includes capacity challenges, quality maintenance, reactivity of liquid and more. These challenges often results in breaking down of the industries dealing with bulk liquid storage and transportation or delivery and storage of bulk liquid that have ended in a quality which, is not expected from the liquid that was originally packed. These challenges end up resulting in huge losses for industries along with issues that industries generally don’t expect. It is because of this reason, it is extremely important to have a proper solution that can allow storage and transportation of bulk quantity of liquid, which in turn can bring down the rising challenges for organizations dealing in liquid business. In the lights of these challenges with impervious advancement of technology Flexitanks where developed. Flexitanks highlight pristine solution for bulk liquid storage and transportation for industries facing challenges. It is because of this reason usage of Flexitanks were globally acclaimed as a solution for bulk liquid storage and transportation.

Let’s take a look at what are Flexitanks and how it contributes to different industries and the edge Flexitanks provides to such industries.

Identification of Industries Flexitanks Contributes

There are many different industries across the globe that deals in fluid storage and transportation. However, the demands for Flexitanks are limited to the industry below, majorly because of their food grade quality:

  • Wine
  • Agriculture
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceuticals

The selective industries opting to use Flexitanks for storage and transportation are thoroughly based on the edge each industry derive from the usage of the product.

Application of Flexitanks in identified Industries

The application ideology behind each identified industry opting to use Flexitanks are reflected below.

Wine Industry

The Flexitanks introduction in the wine industry has provided a huge change in the process wine were previously packed for distribution. The introduction of Flexitanks has allowed bottling of larger quantity in a single container for distribution than previously possible. Further, with the introduction of Flexitanks the ability to refrigeration also increased allowing wine to stay fresh for a longer period of time. Flexitanks have also provided large scale benefit in terms of locally packaging wine for distribution reflection huge amount of economical gain for wine industry.

Agriculture Industry

The introduction of Flexitanks in the agricultural industry has been a ground breaking revolution. It is because Flexitanks are one time use containers at the cheapest price benefiting the industry in terms of financial attribution. Further, with one time usage of the container it is easier for agricultural industry to avoid cross contamination when storing or transporting agricultural product. Flexitanks also plays crucial role in financial saving for agricultural industry since the Flexitanks does not require cleaning helping agricultural industry to save cost behind cleaning labor. Lastly with introduction of Flexitanks in agricultural industry it has been easier to store and distribute food item since the containers are made from food grade quality material.

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical industry is one of the largest industries across the globe looking for bulk storage and transportation solution. In such a scenario Flexitanks has been one of the most cost effective solution for the industry. Flexitanks provides flexibility of storing and distributing up to 24000 liters of fluid in a single container, which was previously not possible for petrochemical industry using 1 container. This has not only provided financial and economic benefit to the industry through bulk storage and distribution but also made it easy for the industry to distribute huge bulk of liquid in a single delivery model. Further with flexibility of expansion and contraction Flexitanks provides larger space utilization ensuring economic and financial benefit even on transit of the product, since it allows making utilization of space. This has changed the overall dynamic of distribution for petrochemical industry with the introduction of Flexitanks.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Flexitanks are manufactured keeping in mind the guidelines and rules laid down by CIQ, USFDA and BGA. It is because of this reason the Flexitanks developed are ideal for carrying edible even in liquid form, since there are no risk of contamination. Further Flexitanks are developed with double variant layers making it easier to refrigerate liquids inside. This has resulted in storage and distribution of pharmaceutical product easier, without having to worry about the possibility of quality deterioration. This has made it possible for pharmaceutical industry distribute bulk quantity of liquid up to 24000 liter in a single container making transit process of pharmaceutical industry much easier and safer. Thus making it possible to reshape the entire pharmaceutical industry.

The application of Flexitanks clearly highlights how it has impacted each industry that are presently using the product, opening up transverse to overall characteristics that Flexitanks hold and advantages it provides.

Product Level Advantages of Flexitanks Application in different Industry

Chemical Compatibility

The first thing to consider while selecting Flexitanks for bulk liquid storage or transportation is the chemical compatibility. The material used in the manufacturing the Flexitanks should not react with the stored liquid in it. Usually, PVC or PU coatings are used for storing of liquid so that it is appropriately compatible so that there are no problems while storing.

Capacity Advantage during Transportation of Liquid

The limit of capacity of the Flexitanks is one of the significant focuses to be taken into consideration. The bigger is the capacity limit, the more noteworthy would be the heaviness of the specialized material that is required. Furthermore, a Flexitanks whose size is more prominent have a lot higher covering grip alongside a more noteworthy elasticity for fittingly withstanding the heaviness of the bulk liquid inside. This would allow you to transport a larger capacity of liquid than regular tanker based on pre-decisive decision on the Flexitanks size without any hassle at a much cheaper cost and work load.

Protection from Leaks

If a Flexitanks breaks or spill liquid, the expenses of cleaning up the spill can be far more than the worth of the lost liquid itself. Liquid spills can also result in critical human injury and natural harm. Therefore, it is critical to take precautions to minimize and contain leaks when using a tank to store liquid for transportation. It is because of this reason the manufacturings of Flexitanks takes into account possibility of leakage and hence are manufactured using double layered of polypropylene and polyethylene, resulting development of a tank almost proof to leakage. However accidental leakages can happen and hence Flexitanks provides flexibility of assembling it in a manner that the leakage does not causes challenges for business. As a thumb rule, control around the Flexitanks can be set up utilizing a spill embankment covering beneath and around the Flexitanks. On the other hand, the option to put the Flexitanks on top of a dribble plate to contain little leaks is also an ideal solution. These flexibilities are not offered by other containers making Flexitanks ideal for bulk liquid transportation.

Temperature Compatibility of Flexitanks

Liquid transportation showcases sedimentary products, which usually have a low freezing point, resulting in requirements of heating it for discharge when it arrives at it is stored. The incorporated integrated heating system of Flexitanks makes it conceivable to warm the liquid for discharge without the need of additional heating pad. It is because of this reason installation of Flexitanks is ideal for bulk liquid transportation, since it allows temperature compatibility with liquids.

These are some of the major product level advantages of using Flexitanks for transportation of bulk liquid. Other than these product level advantages Flexitanks also contributes to economic advantages for businesses dealing in bulk liquid transportation. Some of the major economic advantages of using Flexitanks are showcased below.

Economic Advantages of Flexitanks for different Industry

The usage of Flexitanks for bulk liquid transportation can allow many economic advantages for an organization, some of which are reflected as below:

  • Flexitanks allows probability of changing a standard 20-foot dispatching holder to that of a 24- ton mass fluid carrier.
  • Flexitanks don’t need to be returned to the point of origin, significantly reducing shipping costs.
  • Increased Limits from 16,000 to 24,000 liters. This allows your organization to forward move larger volume of fluid at the same cost allowing gaining from it.
  • With a lower weight tare it provides flexibility to expand dispatching potential at a lower cost allowing your organization to benefit from the same.
  • The utility of Flexitanks decreases in the work reduction of packaging and labor care of work necessities. This in turn allows the organization to save time, and cost on their processes.
  • Flexitanks can be put away for delays or intra-day delays reducing losses on bulk liquid for an organization, since the quality of the liquid stays intact.
  • No cleaning is required for Flexitanks thus bringing down the cost by a much larger scale for organization.
  • It is produced using materials that can be completely reused, decreasing ecological effect, hence reducing load of economic cost on an organization.
  • Flexitanks utility can be defined on a one way attribute, thus bringing down the requirement for full circle leases, saving a huge volume of income of leasing the tanks for an organization.

These economic advantages makes Flexitanks an ideal application for transportation of bulk liquid for different industries identified. If your are into one of the above industry and is looking solution for bulk liquid transportation, then worry no more, get in touch with us to know more about Flexitanks and how it can help you in your business of bulk liquid transportation.

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