Flexitanks Are important For Sustainable Logistics

In any business dealing in goods, logistic industry is the key to its success. It is because logistic industry functions as the legs of the business on which the business stands and also acts as the wheel that drives business to success or failure. It is because of this gruesome nature of logistics industry, it is highly important to develop a sustainable solution for logistic industry to overcome the challenges that businesses may encounter.

Let’s walk you through what are Flexitanks and how they can help in providing a sustainable solution to your business.

What are Flexitanks?

Flexitanks are the latest iteration in the development of bulk liquid storage containers for non- hazardous liquids. A flexitank is a mass fluid storage compartment whose walls comprise of different layers of polyethylene. The internal walls are made of adaptable polyethylene while the external walls are made of a more grounded joined material called polypropylene. Since the mass of a flexitank is flexible, it makes sense that it requires an outside design to help it when it has been topped off with a fluid. By utilizing previously existing standard steel containers, Flexitanks are giving a more secure, better, and more savvy option in contrast to modified delivery big containers for mass fluid transportation.

Now that we know what Flexitanks are, let’s walk you through what is sustainable logistics and how Flexitanks can help in providing sustainable solution.

What is Sustainable Logistics?

Sustainable logistics is described as the production and distribution of goods in a manner that is environmentally, financially, and socially beneficial while eliminating wastage and conserving resources in the process.

Now let’s take a look at how flexitanks can contribute to sustainable solution.

How Flexitanks provide Sustainable Solution?

Modes of transportation, such as Drums and IBC totes, do not provide a sustainable solution for bulk liquid delivery. As such flexitanks steps in to provide sustainable solutions by drastically reduce carbon emissions (for sea transport especially). Second, they eliminate waste by allowing cargo to be carried in a single container rather than a slew of barrels or IBCs. Finally, Flexitanks are recyclable, with some even being designed to be reused. Further, our flexitanks are ISO certified which ensure implementation of measures that helps, in continuously improving our overall process including our products to bring down environmental impact, wastage, while improving productivity and conserving resources. This in turn will allow flexitanks to develop a sustainable solution for your logistic business.

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