We are working with our global services network for flexitank, logistics and technical support services. Our actions are characterized by Timely, Professional, Committed and Cost-Competitive.

Global Flexitank Services Network & Technicals Supports.

Over 12 years of flexitank experiences enable us to have a skilled and capable team, together with our global network we are here ready to help and support our customers in flexitank packaging and logistics needs.

Our gloabl services including: consultant to the shipper and receiver on the required information to proper handle and effectively select the equipments, selection of the container, flexitank fitting and loading to ensure the success of your flexitank shipments.

After the flexitank's on-site arrival, we can also help the flexitank discharging services including recycle the used flexibas, accessories and cargo residuals etc...

Flexitanks Emergency Responses and Incident Survey:

When it is necessary to rescue a flexitank from incident, we can provide transfer service with our fully equipped mobile technical team.

Our efficient and well trained emergency response team is on call 24/7 and provide emergency response services upon request. The emergency services and incident survey will be performed in the fastest manner. Of course, the surveillance report supported by photographs will be prepared  in the last stage.

Flexitanks emergency (leakage) services main including: investigation of the leakage reason, cross-pumping /trans-loading, pollution removal etc…

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