Shandong PGF Packaging Industrial Co.,ltd is the ISO9001 certified professional flexitank (flexibag) manufacturer and also the flexitank compliance member of COA(container owner association) in China. We offer various kinds of reliable flexitanks including complete accessories for all kinds of non-hazardous liquid cargos, such as: Food-grade oil flexitanks, Anti-oxidation (EVOH) wine/juice flexitank, Chemical flexitanks,high-temperature resistance flexitanks and also truck flexitanks etc..

For over 12 years of practical experiences in FLEXITANK industry, we are passionate about creating the most reliable & economical products in this field and also aim to fulfill all types of the requirements from customers. In order to ensure the top quality of our flexitanks, we have invested in the most advanced and mature production facilities performed by our well trained and experienced employees, our raw materials and designs are also comply with higher level than the industry standard.

All above make us to have strong ability to tailor to your requirements on bulk liquid logistics needs or work as your reliable flexitank OEM supplier in China.

Group's Mission: Providing the Most Committed, Reliable and Cost-Effective Flexitank Solutions to our customers.

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